MGH SMART Program Testimonials

“This is a truly transformative class! When I began, I was stressed out at work, which was affecting my health and sleep. By the end of the 8 week class, I was sleeping better, more productive at work, and noticeably happier. The tools and techniques we learned were holistic and encompassed every dimension - from breathing meditative techniques, to healthy eating/ exercise, to managing emotions - and the best part is that they can be used anytime, even in the midst of a busy day. This class is a must take to improve the quality of your life!” - NA

“I'm so grateful for Christina and her work. She has a rare ability to read her students and offer wisdom that can only come with patience and practice. The SMART program in a group yoga setting set the stage for discovery that I will carry with me - one breath at a time.”  - TC

“This has been a difficult year for me and this class has been a turning point. In our first session you said you a felt called to service, to help others. Let me tell you, you have a gift. I have been around lots of people whose job it is to help others (who have PHDs in helping others) who do not have the compassion and ability to reach people like you do. So, thank you.” - DM

“Thank you so much for everything you taught me in this 8 week class...well the 5 I could make :)   During the last year or so I have really been trying to understand more about managing stress and dealing with a perpetually active mind, and nothing has resonated the way your teachings have.  So many times I found myself listening to you saying "Yup, that's exactly what happens to me".  You truly have a gift for this, and I'm grateful for the knowledge and tools I have gained in your program.” - TB

“With regard to the SMART program, I wish I had discovered this sooner. Inevitably, there will be stress in our lives, whether it be daily or on a less seldom basis. In addition, at some point in life, everyone will have an event where they have been deeply affected. SMART offers tools to cope with the stressors and negative emotions when you feel yourself dipping so you can potentially shorten the duration and depth of the dip and come back up sooner to a healthier place. Also, the benefits of SMART tools lend themselves to be incorporated into an habitual practice to be done routinely. The most important investment we can make is in taking care of ourselves.” - JA

“I looked forward to attending the sessions and learning more about meditation, healthy lifestyle and tools to use to foster a more relaxed lifestyle. Christina created a positive and accepting environment and  I found her presentation of the program to be well organized, building new techniques on those we had previously discussed…Going forward, I believe the challenge is slowing down to recall the skills and techniques so they will be integrated in my approach.  It is clear that if one can quiet the mind, there is an increased probability that this will happen!” - ML

“As a student of Christina's 8 week SMART program, I found the experience both inspirational and life changing. Christina is an amazing instructor who brings her experience, stories and gentle guidance each week to facilitate an awe inspiring program. Many topics and methods of mindfulness and meditation are discussed with the goal of finding one that works best for you and your lifestyle. Can't recommend this program enough- Christina is wonderful!” - LC

“As an Assistant Principal my day can be hectic and stressful.  The SMART program taught me  to find ways to transfer my inner thinking from negative to positive.  It has provided me with a new set of tools to help students navigate their world as well.” - AP